What is my Skin Tone?

……….and why is that important to know when choosing my hair colour?

If you are a colour client, it is important your hairdresser advises you on colours that will suit your skin tone. If you choose an incorrect reflect or deepness of colour that doesn’t suit the tone or depth of your complexion, your skin can looked washed out, flat or even sallow.

At alternatives  before we recommend a colour & technique suitable for you, we will ask you about the colour clothes you enjoy wearing & your makeup tones, as well as asses your skin tone.

The recent trend of Silver/Greys on Blondes will ONLY look fabulous if you have a Winter or Summer complexion – ie a cool skin tone. Your skin will glow with Platinum, Metallic reflects. Autumn or Spring complexions will suit the current trend of soft Honey tones or deeper Butterscotch & Caramel tones.

 People with cool undertones will either have Olive skin & Dark Brown/ Black eyes, or Pale skin & Grey or Blue eyes.  Your skin will look its healthiest in brightly hued, crisp coloured clothing, like red, navy blue or pink, or pastel & soft colours. Cooler pink or blue-based red lipsticks are more flattering than corals, terracotta reds, and chocolate browns. The veins on the inside of your wrist have a blueish/ pink hue & silver jewellery will look best on you.

These COOL undertones are either a Winter or Summer complexion.

The lighter your skin tone, the paler you can go with your hair – choose blue-based colours like Platinum, Silver, Titanium or Champagne Blonde to flatter your ivory complexion. The darker your skin tone is, the easier you can pull off more intense colours like dark Plums, Burgundys or a deep burnt Caramel. But be careful with Chocolate reflects as they can throw some warmth.

Warm skin tones are usually accompanied by Green, Hazel, or Warm Brown eyes.
Coral, terracotta red, and chocolate brown lipsticks are more flattering than pinks or blue-based reds. Your skin will look vibrant in more natural colours
The veins on your wrist have a greenish/ yellow tint & Gold jewellery looks best on you.

These WARM undertones will make you either a Spring or Autumn complexion.

Fair complexions with warm undertones look best against hues of Butterscotch, Strawberry blonde, and Honey. These shades enhance the peachiness of your skin and cast a soft glow on your face.

Deeper warm complexions will suit Chestnut Brown, Auburn & Cinnamon. Ebony brown, Mocha, and violet-based colours will enhance the natural warm undertones of deeper complexions.

If your hair colour is too close to your complexion your features will disappear, so adding some  contrast between your hair & complexion is important, wether you are going lighter or darker & adding some dimension to your hair colour –  utalising 2 or 3 colours –   is a fantastic way of bringing out flattering undertones in your complexion.

When you come in for your appt at alternatives ask for a colour consultation & we can assist you with finding the best, personalised, colour just for you!