Why is it important to choose salon quality products

Why is it important to choose a salon quality shampoo & conditioner?

You probably get sick of your hairdresser banging on about using professional quality hair products, but it really makes a difference to your hair colours longevity & texture & condition of your scalp & hair.

It’s always confused us as to how many clients think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on their hair colour & cuts, but yet choose to “care” for their hair with cheap, random stuff found at the supermarket. You wouldn’t wash your Anna Stretton silk shirt in Palmolive hand soap would you? Why would you take that risk with your hair?

Here 8 reasons why we say salon only is best!


1. Generally, professional shampoos use milder surfactants (cleansers) & are ph balanced, which will gently cleanse your hair, retain your skins normal ph, & help your colour to last & keep your hair & scalp in top notch health.

2. Conditioners are the same – ph balanced to close the cuticle of your hair, which helps in detangling, reducing fluff & puff & giving you shiny, healthy hair, no matter the texture.

3. Salon only products have higher concentrations of quality active ingredients in order to maximize the effects on your hair. For example Kevin Murphy’s tagline is – skin care for your hair & they use skin care products in their shampoos & conditioners.

4. With supermarket shampoos that are alkaline (not ph balanced) the scalps natural, acid mantle is stripped away, allowing bacteria to build up & inflammation to occur. ALL salon shampoos & conditioners are ph balanced to protect this acid mantle that covers all the skin on your body, so kind & gentle enough to use as a body wash too!

5. Cheap grade styling products are where we see the most trouble in clients. Hairspray build up is very hard to remove & looks unsightly & we see alot of scaly scalp conditions & allergic reactions from cheap petroleum & industrial silicone based products.

6. You may spend more on the bottle because the ingredients are higher quality & more concentrated, but you’ll replace it less frequently which means you’ll end up saving money in the long run. It is a wise investment for you hair.

7. Your stylist is the only one who is knowledgeable enough to know which shampoo, conditioner & styling products are right for your hair condition, texture, density, your lifestyle & desired result. When you buy in a supermarket, the warehouse 0r a pharmacy, you’re taking a guess & more than likely spending money on items that won’t give you the results you need

8. If you love your stylist & your hair salon, you’ll be happy to hear that purchasing your home care items from them is actually how they stay in business & are able to afford their supplies, tools & continuing education. The money you spend on your services barely covers the overhead of a healthy salon business. (I know, shocking isn’t it?)  It’s your home care purchases that afford us the resources we need to grow & continue to improve the service experience you’ve come to enjoy.

You can feel good about spending your money at a place that really matters to you & help support a local business.